Let's clean up the world, one bar of soap at a time





to Bubblecraft Soapworks, located in Texarkana, USA.


At Bubblecraft Soapworks you will find exquisite handmade, handcrafted luxuries including:



body butters,

lip balms,

aluminum-free deodorants,

shaving soaps,

after-shave balms, 

body sprays,

scented wax products,

bath bombs,


hair conditioner, 

shower/bath gels,

hair conditioners,

anti-aging specialties,

foaming soaps,

bath salts,

room/linen sprays,

face scrubs,

body scrubs,

car/closet fresheners,

solid lotions,

solid perfumes.  


Products not made by me:

pure, undiluted essential oils,

essential oil diffusers,

shaving bowls and shaving mugs,

safety razors,

straight razors,

wax warmers,




All handmade products are made in small batches, while some are made-to-order, assuring you freshness and potency.  


Pleased and proud to state that I source my raw materials from reputable American distributors and wholesalers whenever possible!  

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